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3D Laparoscopy

3D laparoscopy has made a landmark achievement in the field of surgery for Gynaecology. It helps to provide in-depth perception along with correct measurement of the dimensions related to the anatomical spaces. Thus, it contributes towards increasing the skills of the laparoscopic surgeon in his attempt towards dissecting tissues and in designing strategies related to the surgery. 3D Laparoscopy helps a surgeon to perform the intracorporeal suture in an absolutely perfect manner. This is regarded as the World’s Best 3D Laparoscopy System.

3D laparoscopy helps to reduce the time frame of a gynaecologist and along with it, it increases the accuracy level of the surgeon. Even the complications involved with carrying out this surgery are reduced.

Surgeries Performed With The Help of 3D Laparoscopy

There are a number of surgeries, which surgeons can perform with the help of 3D Laparoscopy.

They include:

  1. Radical Hysterectomy - This is an operation mainly performed to treat cancer that affects the uterine cervix.
  2. Parametrectomy - This is an extremely viable technique for women suffering from invasive cervical cancer or a recurrent endometrial cancer of vagina after having undergone hysterectomy previously.
  3. Difficult TLH (Frozen Pelvis and Endometriosis) - Difficult TLH aims to solve a case for all patients, who suffer from the problem of containing Double Uterus, Double Cervix and Double Vagina with Severe Pelvic Endometriosis along with Diffuse Pelvic Adhesion after having undergone Hemi-Subtotal Hysterectomy previously.
  4. Completion - This surgery gets conducted for all those who are suffering from Endometrium and Ovarian cancers.
  5. TLH - This surgery involves a laparoscopic ligation of the arteries and veins present in the ovaries, with the removal of the uterus either through the vagina or abdomen. Finally, it involves the laparoscopic closure of the vaginal cuff.
  6. Adenomyomectomy - The surgery is performed in order to conserve the uterus for future pregnancy in patients, who are suffering from massive adenomyosis.
  7. Myomectomy - It involves the surgical removal of uterine fibroids. This is an extremely effective procedure.
  8. Adnexal and Retroperitoneal Masses - This 3D Laparoscopic Surgery even helps to get rid of these masses and avoid complications.
  9. Prolapse of Uterus and Bladder - This condition is caused due to the weakening of the muscles and tissues that provide support to the organs in the pelvis. The surgery helps to attach the vaginal vault to the sacrum with surgical mesh.
  10. Tuboplasty - This surgery mainly attempts to restore patency along with the functioning of the Fallopian Tubes, which can help women to achieve pregnancy.
  11. Sling Surgeries - Those who suffer from urinary stress incontinence, sling surgery can help ease out the symptoms of incontinence.
  12. Fertility Enhancing Surgeries - 3D Laparoscopic surgeries can help to perform even all those surgeries to enhance the rate of fertility like Endoscopic Reproductive Surgery.
  13. Ectopic Pregnancy - There are times when ectopic pregnancy can lead to heavy bleeding. Under those circumstances, 3D Laparoscopic Surgery helps in conducting an emergency surgery through an abdominal incision.

Advantages of 3D Laparoscopy

There are quite a number of advantages related to the use of 3D Laparoscopy towards carrying out surgeries for different organs.

The advantages include:

  • As this requires a minimum incision, hence there are almost no complications involved. So, there is a faster recovery period for the patients.
  • Shorter stay in the hospital
  • The improved manner of performing cosmesis or correction of a body part through surgeries.
  • This method of surgery ensures lot lesser amount of blood loss.
  • There is a very less amount of pain, which patients have to suffer after the surgery gets conducted.


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