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Become an Egg Donor

Thanks to the generosity of anonymous egg donors who take part in our egg donation program and sharing the most precious gift. At Chawla Nursing Home & Maternity Hospital, we have the extreme admiration and respect for women who decide to help others by donating their eggs. Without egg donors like you, couples who are struggling to start a family would have small hope.

We provide egg donation services for people to give life to those who struggle with fertility problems. It is our job to guide the egg donor through the process, ease concerns, and make this a pleasing and rewarding experience.


- Good physical and psychological health

- Between ages 20 and 30

- Non-smoker

- BMI (body mass index) no greater than 25 (you can measure your BMI here).

- Not currently using drugs

- No history of substance abuse

- Not adopted

- Willing to take injections

- Reliable and able to make and keep appointments

- Willing to travel to Jalandhar, Punjab for testing


It is important to understand that our egg donation process at Chawla Nursing Home & Maternity Hospital is completely anonymous and the identification of our egg donors is strictly confidential.

The egg donation process requires an broad time commitment that could last several days or weeks. Due to this promise, egg donors receive generous compensation for their time. Schedule a consultation appointment,Chawla Nursing Home & Maternity Hospital, potential donors receive compensation after various stages of the donation process.

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