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Why Egg size is Important for Fertility

Why Egg size is Important for Fertility | #1 Hospital in Jalandhar

Why Egg size is Important for Fertility

Oct 05, 2023

Why Egg size is Important for fertility

Journey of the Egg

Journey to ovulation begins during the late phase of prior menstrual cycle, when certain 2-5mm sized healthy follicles form a population from which dominant follicles is to be selected for the next cycle. This process is called Recruitment.

During day 1-5 of the menstrual cycle, a second process of follicular selection begins when among all recruited follicles, certain group follicles of size 5-10mm are selected while rest of the follicle regress.

During 5-7 days a process of dominance begins when the leading follicle takes the control and suppress the rest.


Growth of the Egg

This follicle starts growing at the rate of 2-3 mm /day and reach 17-27mm prior to ovulation. When it comes to fertility, egg size is critically important. Follicle size plays a crucial role in the process of fertilization.

Ovulation Study

We measure the follicle size in millimetres and follicle monitoring is done by ultrasound. The size of the follicle is an indicator of the maturity of the egg and the ideal follicular size is between 18mm – 22mm on day 12 to 14. Some females have short follicular phase and they achieve the size by day 10.

The ovulation studies track the egg and two important parameters in these studies are follicle size and number and endometrial thickness.The ideal endometrial thickness at the time of ovulation is 8mm and above.

The ovulation induction agents like clomiphene citrate or Letrozole given on day 2 / day 3 of periods help in improving the follicle size and number. Studies have confirmed that higher pregnancy rates were achieved when the leading follicles were in the range 23-28 mm along with a good endometrial lining.

Optimum Size of the Egg

In natural cycles, the size of 18mm is considered optimum and in stimulated cycles the size of leading follicle can be between 18mm and 30 mm. Trans vaginal ultrasound is preferred and usually mandatory modality for monitoring follicle.The follicle is usually measured in two perpendicular dimensions and mean is calculated and that is the size of the follicle. High quality follicles are characterised by a specific pattern of increase in peak systolic velocity of the Perifollicular blood flow. There are conditions like in polycystic ovarian syndrome where there are multiple small immature follicles and the process of dominance does not happen. These patients usually need ovulation induction for ovulation. In advanced age also sometimes the optimum size of the follicle is not achieved.

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