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Missed Periods Treatment in Jalandhar

Missed Periods Treatment in Jalandhar

Missed Periods Treatment in Jalandhar

Oct 31, 2023

 Missed Periods: When to Seek a Gynaecologist's Advice

Missed periods, can be a source of worry for many women. While it's not uncommon to experience occasional irregularities in your menstrual cycle, persistent missed periods can raise concerns. Today, we'll explore the various causes of missed periods, when it's advisable to consult a gynaecologist, and the possible tests or investigations your doctor might recommend.

Common Causes of Missed Periods

  1. Pregnancy: The most common reason for a missed period is pregnancy. If you're sexually active and your period is late, taking a pregnancy test is often the first step.
  2. Stress: High levels of stress can disrupt your hormonal balance, leading to missed or irregular periods.
  3. Weight Fluctuations: Sudden weight loss or gain can affect your menstrual cycle. If you've experienced significant changes in your weight, it could be a contributing factor.
  4. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS): PCOS is a hormonal disorder that can lead to irregular or missed periods, along with other symptoms such as acne and excessive hair growth.
  5. Thyroid Disorders: Thyroid imbalances, such as hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, can impact your menstrual cycle.
  6. Excessive Exercise: Intense physical activity, especially in athletes, can lead to missed periods.

If you are sexually active and have missed your period by few days, the first and most important step is to take a home pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy. Follow the instructions on the test carefully, typically involving collecting a first morning urine sample, placing a few drops of urine on the test strip and waiting for the results. It's essential to use a test that is sensitive enough to detect pregnancy at this early stage. 

When do I meet the gynaecologist -If the test is positive or negative you need to consult a gynaecologist. If your pregnancy test is positive and you're not prepared for a pregnancy, or if you have questions and concerns, the gynaecologist will be the best person to guide you. If you are looking forward for a pregnancy to occur, the obstetrician gynaecologist is best person to see you though a healthy and safe nine months of pregnancy.

On the other hand, if the pregnancy test is negative and you still haven't gotten your period after some time, your gynaecologist will assess the potential causes of the missed period, such as hormonal imbalances or other factors. 

 Depending on the suspected cause, your doctor may recommend further tests or investigations. These may include:

  1. Blood Tests: Hormone levels, especially those related to the thyroid and reproductive hormones, may be assessed through blood tests.
  2. Ultrasound: An ultrasound may be performed to check for any structural abnormalities in your reproductive organs.
  3. Pelvic Exam: A pelvic exam can help identify any physical issues that may be contributing to missed periods.
  4. Pap Smear: A pap smear may be conducted to rule out any cervical issues.
  5. Pregnancy Test: To confirm or rule out pregnancy as a cause, your gynaecologist may perform a pregnancy test, even if you've had negative results at home.

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