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Chawla Hospital and Embryo IVF : Best IVF Center in Nakodar

Chawla Hospital and Embryo IVF : Best IVF Center in Nakodar

Chawla Hospital and Embryo IVF : Best IVF Center in Nakodar

Sep 21, 2023

Best-qualified IVF doctors performs IVF procedures at the Chawla IVF center in Jalandhar.

The Team of doctors & embryologists is mentored by Dr. Sushma Chawla (The best IVF doctor in Jalandhar Punjab).The IVF specialist in Jalandhar uses best-in-class IVF methods and types of equipment to produce the best quality embryo from the sperm and eggs of couples. Patients are made comfortable before starting the process. The success rate of the IVF procedure is more than 50-75%.


Turning your Dreams of Parenthood into Reality with IVF Treatment in Jalandhar


IVF Process is the original ‘test-tube baby’ technique. IVF is fertilizing eggs with sperm outside of the human body. These fertilized eggs (embryos) are then placed in the woman’s uterus, bypassing the fallopian tubes. IVF treatment has given hope to childless couples. However, the IVF success rate depends on the IVF treatment specialists, their experience, patient’s age, advanced treatment & protocol used in their treatment.

IVF treatment has become very common, with the help of a good IVF clinic, managed by a good IVF specialists can help you achieve parenthood without much struggle. You must search for an IVF clinic near you & check for facilities offered by IVF clinics. It should have good infrastructure & advanced technology. An experienced IVF specialist should always be available to provide the best IVF treatment. The success rate of IVF depends on the age of the woman & IVF Clinic facilities. You must consult an IVF specialist if you have:

  1. Prolonged infertility
  2. Pelvic adhesions
  3. Ovulation issues
  4. Poor semen quality
  5. Endometriosis
  6. Fallopian tube damage/obstruction
  7. Unexplained infertility

Our Team of Experts Dedicated to your Success

Every person who passes through our fertility center’s doors find a new opportunity to heal infertility and extend family-building options. Chawla Nursing Home & Maternity Hospital provides a secure, helpful, and calm atmosphere to support you through this difficult time with the help of our expert Chawla Staffs.

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