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Nov 25, 2023


Egg quality is one of the prime factors needed for your fertility. The two important blood test which define your ovarian reserve are AMH and FSH on day 2/ day 3 of your periods. It is not only in women older than 35 years of age , who need to be aware of the egg quality, any age is susceptible to poor quality and poor reserve. Today we are discussing the ways to improve our eggs.

1) Relaxation exercises:

Stress hormones are major deterrents when it comes to fertility. You need to practice pranayam and breathing techniques of yoga to allay your anxiety. Daily 30 minutes of these exercises helps in improving your fertility. In my last twenty years of fertility practice. I have seen magical improvement in patient’s response after practicing pranayam.

2) Add some supplements to your diet:

The process of egg formation depends on the availability certain nutrients and hormones. Micronutrients status is a modifiable risk factor that may have an impact on female fertility. Micronutrients are essential vitamins and minerals that are required in small quantities as dietary components. Adequate folate levels are important for egg quality, Maturation fertilization and implantation.

3) Sufficient vitamin A, Zinc, certain vitamin B and vitamin D are needed for various physiological processes.

4) Antioxidants such as Vitamin C, E, A helps defend against reactive oxygen species. It seems that women who struggle to conceive do have lower than recommended levels of these micronutrients.

5) A healthy diet and good lifestyle:

A balanced healthy diet with sufficient exercise is a key to success to improve all the process. Patient of polycystic ovarian syndrome benefit a lot with weight loss and cutting carbohydrates from their diet.

6) Adding a good amount of protein and fruits and vegetable help in managing your hormonal milieu.

7) Adding some supplements like DHEAS in the form of tablets if you have advanced age and your AMH is low.To improve the egg quality, melatonin also improves the egg quality. 

8) Before IVF in patients with low ovarian reserve adding estrogen tablets before menstrual periods and testosterone gel one month prio,r helps in improving the egg quality.

9) A poor egg quality doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot conceive, you just need to consult your gynecologist/ fertility expert at the earliest to get your fertility.


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