Surrogate Motherhood

We got your risks covered

Surrogacy is always associated with certain risks which may arise during the program. Our professional services help you to eliminate those risks by signing the legal contract with Surrogate Mother.

1. You will find a Surrogate Mother of your dream

You will find a Surrogate Mother of your dream ICMR guidelines stipulate strict pre-requisites for women to become Surrogate Mothers. We will find a lady to satisfy these pre-requisites and also be a perfect match to your personal requirements such as appearance or blood group. All candidates are double-checked for STDs and tested by our psychologist to select women who cannot develop psychological bond to Surrogate Baby.

2. Surrogate Mother cannot blackmail you to get a higher price

Surrogate Mother does not get her compensation for carrying Surrogate Baby directly from Intended Parents. In cases where Intended Parents pay their Surrogate Mother independently, they might be blackmailed to pay a higher compensation than agreed initially. ART Bank experts will deal with Surrogate Mother and her family on any financial issues.

3. Surrogate Mother cannot keep your baby

Surrogate Mother gets her compensation for carrying Surrogate Baby from ART Bank only after she has handed over Surrogate Baby to Indended Parents. If she, nevertheless, decides to keep the baby in violation of the contract, we will represent your interests at the court, or we can organize a new surrogacy program free of charge.

4. Pregnancy is likely to be achieved from the first attempt

Normally, the probability to achieve pregnancy of Surrogate Mother is about 30–35%. Moreover, we include 3 attempts of embryo transfer in our basic offer to make you feel even more confident.

5. You will leave home with your newborn baby

There is no way to get stuck with your newborn baby as it is yours not only genetically but also legally. Further steps include birth certificate and obtaining national identification for Surrogate Baby.

Double-checked and protected

All our Surrogate Mothers and Egg/Sperm Donors satisfy the requirements as outlined by ICMR guidelines

Requirements for Surrogate Mothers

  • age between 20 and 35 years;
  • minimum one own healthy child;
  • good mental and physical health.

Medical check-up scope for Surrogate Mothers:

  • blood group and Rh determination;
  • blood test for Syphilis, HIV, Hepatitis B and C (valid for 3 months);
  • STD screening: Chlamydia spp, Herpes spp, Ureaplasma spp, Micoplasma spp, Cytomegalovirus, Rubella (valid for 6 months);
  • urinalysis (valid for 1 month);
  • complete blood count + coagulability (valid for 1 month);
  • blood chemistry panel: ALT, AST, bilirubin, glucose, urea (valid for 1 month);
  • chest x-ray (valid for 1 year);
  • urethra and cervical canal vaginal flora swabs (valid for 1 month);
  • cytological examination of cervix swab;
  • examination of general practitioner and assessment report on health condition and absense of contraindications for pregnancy (valid for 1 year);
  • examination and assessment of psychiatrist (once);
  • common and complex gynaecological examination (before every hormonal stimulation).