Fellowship in Laparoscopy - Program Synopsis

The fellowship program in Minimally Invasive Gynaecology has been developed to provide an opportunity for concentrated exposure and additional training for the next generation of OB/GYN graduates who wish to provide advanced surgical care in an academic and clinical setting. The fellows will receive sub-speciality training and technical competency in sophisticated gynaecological endoscopic procedures that can be used for treatment of complex benign gynaecologic conditions.

With defined syllabus covering anatomy, energy sources, ergonomics, tissue handling and suturing technique, the Fellowship Programme aims to advance the Fellow’s laparoscopic and hysteroscopic skills to the next level. Fellowship Programme is to help Fellows gain the skills knowledge and confidence needed to provide their patients with safe, high-quality and cost-effective Minimally Invasive Surgery Treatment.

Program Outline:

Fellow Expectations:

  • Clinical Expert:
    • Become advanced gynaecologic surgeons with proficiency in operative laparoscopy, hysteroscopy and major complex vaginal and open surgeries.
    • Become knowledgeable in not only the surgery, but the “surgical philosophy”.
  • Communicator:
    • Become a surgical educator
  • Health Advocate and Leader:
    • Patient counseling: create and disseminate peri-operative information for patients.
    • Program developer: create, implement and evaluate patient care programs in minimally invasive gynaecologic surgery.
  • Scholar:
    • Develop an independent research question and complete at least one project.
    • Present this project at a national or international conference.
    • One research publication (or at minimum, a manuscript suitable or publication ), two review articles, or two case reports/video presentations is expected to be completed by the time of their graduation.

At Present, we have four fellowship mentors to provide a wide range of approaches and experiences across the specialty of gynaecology.

Course Objective:

Gaining Endoscopic skills is very important. Skill in conventional surgical procedure does not necessarily confer skills in endoscopic surgery. The course is aimed at bridging this gap and is formulated with the following objectives in mind.

  • Detailed pelvic anatomy as required for complex surgery.
  • To master the hand and eye co-ordination.
  • To learn about specialized endoscopic equipments and instrumentation.
  • To learn the principals of Endoscopic and Hysterscopic procedures.
  • To learn the indications, contra-indications and limitations of MAS and various procedures.
  • To perform abdominal insufflations using Veress needle and Hasan’s open technique.
  • Comprehensive understanding of Electro surgery and other newer energy sources.
  • To Basic and advanced skills in Endo-knotting and intracorporeal suturing techniques.
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic Hysteroscopy.
  • Hysteroscopic techniques- ablation, myomectomy, polypectomy.
  • Surgical management of adnexal pathology.
  • Surgical management of endometriosis including severe endometriosis.
  • Techniques of laparoscopic hysterectomy
  • To learn about tissue morcellators and organ retrieval systems.
  • Ureteric dissection
  • To know about the complications and its management in MAS.
  • Sterilization and maintenance of instruments and video equipments.
  • Documentation, storage data and presentation.
  • Anesthesia in laparoscopic surgery.
  • Trouble shooting in MAS.

Entry requirements:

• MS (OBG)/MD (OBG)/DNB in OBG from an institute or medical college recognized by medical council of India.

Assesment of Training:

Each student is evaluated every month by programme coordinator.

Course Evaluation:

The Trainee gets the opportunity to evaluate the course.

Log Books:

The log books are to be submitted for monthly evaluation of the progress and to evaluate the learning curve.

Exit Exams:

The degree is awarded after a final exit examination, at the end of one year training period.

For more information Contact:

Dr.Sushma Chawla

Obstetrican & Gynaecologist
Laparoscopic & Hysteroscopic Surgeon

Dr.Deepak Chawla

M.S. (Surgery) FMAS, FAIS
Diploma Advance Gynae
Laparoscopy (Germany)
Laparoscopic, Bariatric & Gynae Cancer Surgeon